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Management of the Sickle Cell Trait: An Opinion by Expert Panel Members

Pinto, V.M., De Franceschi, L., Gianesin, B., Gigante, A., et al. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 12(10), p.3441. (2023)

The number of individuals with the sickle cell trait exceeds 300 million worldwide, making sickle cell disease one of the most common monogenetic diseases globally. Because of the high frequency of sickle cell disease, reproductive counseling is of crucial importance.

In addition, unlike other carrier states, Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) seems to be a risk factor for several clinical complications, such as extreme exertional injury, chronic kidney disease, and complications during pregnancy and surgery.

This expert panel believes that increasing knowledge about these clinical manifestations and their prevention and management can be a useful tool for all healthcare providers involved in this issue.

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