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Positions & Policies

EU Policies & Directives

TIF participates actively in the development and/or amendment of policies at the international and European level, thus ensuring that the voice of the national and global thalassaemia communities are taken into consideration by legislators and policy makers at the national, regional and international level.

Policies TIF is involved in

Position Papers

In line with its patient-centred mission and activity, TIF publishes position papers on key issues of concern for thalassaemia patients. TIF position papers follow on internationally-accepted, evidence-based guidelines for the management of thalassaemia, and aim to formally convey the Federation’s stance on important  management-related matters, seeking to maintain and improve patients’ quality of life, and ensure their access to quality and effective treatment.

TIF’s Position Papers

Official Statements

In line with its mission to ensure recognition of the rights of thalassaemia patients and safeguard their implementation, TIF writes and promotes official statements on key issues of patient concern, seeking to maintain and improve their quality of life and access to treatment. Regular delivery venues of TIF statements are the World Health Assembly (WHA) and other WHO meetings.

WHA71_Access To Medicines

WHA71_Migration and thalassaemia

WHA71_Prevention and Control of Non Communicable Diseases – Joint statement