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TIF Publications

TIF Publications include a variety of volumes on the prevention and management of thalassaemia.

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Clinical Trial Updates

This section provides a regular update on the latest developments in the field of clinical trials towards the achievement of the final cure for patients.

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Conference Proceedings

Thalassaemia Reports is an online journal that publishes the Proceedings from TIF’s International Conferences  for Patients and Healthcare Professionals.

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Thalassaemia-related Literature

This section comprises selected publications on topics of interest to the thalassaemia community.

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Clinical Publications

Clinical publications comprise an updated, yearly list of key scientific publications on thalassaemia and other haemoglobinopathies.

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European Reference Networks (ERNs)

This section comprises articles on the contribution of European Reference Networks (ERNs) to the care of patients suffering from rare and complex diseases.

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TIF e-Newsletter

TIF e-Newsletter is an online bulletin issued periodically to inform member organisations on TIF’s latest news and activities.

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