TIF joined the Celgene’s Blood Transfusion Round Table Discussion in Brussels

On September 26, a Blood Transfusion Multi-Stakeholder Round Table Discussion was organised in Brussels by Celgene Corporation, featuring numerous scientists, haematologists, and patient organisations’ representatives. Dr. Androulla Eleftheriou, TIF Executive Director, and Mrs. Lily Cannon, TIF Operations Manager, represented the Federation in this meeting.

The discussion drew attention to issues revolving around the strengthening of the voluntary blood donation which contributes to both blood adequacy and safety, as well as the improvement of patient blood management so as to optimize the care of patients who require transfusions.

Dr. Eleftheriou delivered an engaging presentation focusing on the key importance of blood transfusions in thalassaemia, the challenges in many of the developing “affected” countries and in Europe and TIF’s perspective on these topics.

Presentation_Dr. A. EleftheriouSpeech_Dr. A.Eleftheriou


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