RARE ANAEMIAS | Shining A Spotlight On Rare Anaemias’ Education And Advocacy With RAIN

A brand-new webpage, entirely dedicated to rare anaemias and the Rare Anaemias International Network (RAIN) is now featured on the TIF website.

Recognising the absence of a global umbrella organisation for rare anaemias to advocate and safeguard the rights of patients in a consistent way, and the commonalities between rare anaemias in terms of necessary infrastructure, policies and challenges, the Rare Anaemias International Network (RAIN) was created as a network of patient advocacy associations and individuals to bridge the gap in knowledge, expertise and advocacy.

RAIN aims to ensure that the rare anaemia community has access to the latest information and resources, providing the best possible support and care for patients with rare anaemias, their families, and caregivers all across the world.

Navigate the RAIN webpage to discover useful information and news on rare anaemias, the RAIN structure and objectives, and much more. We welcome you to get in touch with us for more information or if you are interested in becoming a member of RAIN!

Visit the RAIN webpage

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