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Silence Therapeutics Launches New Video Game to Support ITD 2021 & Raise Disease Awareness

Silence Therapeutics partners with Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) to support May 8th – International Thalassaemia Day activities.

Silence Therapeutics plc, a leader in the discovery, development and delivery of novel short interfering ribonucleic acid (siRNA) therapeutics for the treatment of diseases with significant unmet medical need, today announced the launch of a new, retro-inspired, online game to raise awareness of  thalassaemia, ahead of International Thalassemia Day 2021 on Saturday 8 May.

Blood Run Beta’ ( is a free game now available for people of all ages to play and learn more about the daily impact of thalassaemia and one of its most common symptoms – fatigue. The aim of the game is to get as far as possible without the energy meter reaching zero, avoiding everyday obstacles that consume energy and ‘powering up’ by finding blood drops. The latter represent blood transfusions – one of the main treatment options for people with more severe forms of the disease. Everyone is encouraged to post their scores on social media using the hashtag #BloodRunBeta. By sharing the game on social media, Silence aims to draw public attention to this underrecognized community with high unmet need.

In addition, Silence is proud to be sponsoring the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF)’s International Thalassaemia Day (ITD) activities. ITD is a global event which takes place on 8 May each year, organized by TIF. It marks an opportunity for patient advocacy groups, charities, healthcare professionals, pharma/biotech companies and individuals around the world to unite in raising awareness of the condition through a variety of activities. The theme for this year is “Addressing Health Inequalities Across the Global Thalassaemia Community” and the public can join in and show their support largely through social media, using the hashtag #ITD2021.

Giles Campion, MD, EVP, Head of R&D and Chief Medical Officer of Silence Therapeutics said:Thalassaemia is a central focus of our research and while great strides have been made in recent years to raise awareness of the condition, there is still more that can be done. The burden of the disease and current treatment options that can be highly disruptive to daily life for patients and their families are often underrecognized. We are proud to partner with the thalassaemia community and support better understanding of this often overlooked condition.”

Dr Androulla Eleftheriou, Executive Director of Thalassaemia International Federation said: “International Thalassaemia Day allows us to commemorate those who are no longer with us and celebrate those who are and are fighting for the right to a better quality of life and equal care across the globe. Increasing public awareness of the condition in new and creative ways is important, as we expand our advocacy reach and put thalassemia on the health policy agenda of countries around the world. We are grateful to have partners like Silence who help us further our mission to support affected families on a global scale.”

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