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A Head-to-Head Comparison of BMT, Gene Therapy & Gene Editing Through A Brand New TIF Infographic

The expansion of management options and therapies for patients with thalassaemia is nowadays a reality, thanks to the application of new, revolutionary scientific procedures.

However, patients’ understanding on the distinct characteristics, eligibility criteria, effects or even possible risks of already existing and currently developing therapies for thalassaemia remains largely limited.

Acknowledging this significant gap and seeking to help patients improve their knowledge on these issues, TIF has developed a comprehensive and visually appealing infographic in which Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT), Gene Therapy and Gene Editing are being head-to-head confronted as potentially curative approaches for β-thalassaemia on some of their most essential aspects.

Discover the brand new TIF Infographic ‘’Potentially Curative Approaches on βthalassaemia’’ HERE



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