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TIF Global Survey on HBV and HCV infections: Healthcare professionals- We need your knowledge

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Why this survey is important

In light of current advances in the treatment of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, comprising the discovery of new drugs and world campaigns for the management and prevention of infections, TIF is conducting a short survey, inviting healthcare professionals from around the globe to answer questions with regard to the national protocols available for the treatment of HBV and HCV in their respective countries.

The prevalence of viral hepatitis in the thalassaemia community is mainly and strongly associated with unsafe blood transfusions, with Hepatitis B and C being the two main hepatotropic viruses afflicting the thalassaemia patient community worldwide.

Data regarding the national status on blood safety for the prevention of Viral Hepatitis infections within the thalassaemia patient community will support TIF in its mission to lobby for quality treatment services equally available to all patients in all countries around the globe.

Blood safety and quality of transfusion services, the presence of updated guidelines and protocols to ensure patient safety through safe blood transfusions, as well as the presence of prevention programmes specifically focused on Viral Hepatitis, the proportion of infected thalassaemia patients in each country, the provision and administration of antiviral treatment, and the criteria for the provision of such treatment to thalassaemia patients, as well as anti-viral drugs available in each country.

This survey runs in parallel with a second TIF global survey inviting patients with thalassaemia and sickle cell anaemia worldwide to describe and evaluate the quality of services they are receiving in their country of residence and treatment.

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