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NTS’s President & Vice President Meet With Iraqi Government Officials To Discuss Thalassaemia Prevention National Programme

In response to the invitation of the Prime Minister’s Advisors Authority to Mr. Thaer Ibrahim Al-Taei, President of the Thalassemia Society in Niniva (NTS), Iraq, and Dr. Madin Mohamed Fawzy, Vice President of NTS and Director of the Thalassemia Center in Nineveh, a consultative meeting was held yesterday, Tuesday, June 29, 2021, at the headquarters of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Authority.

The meeting brought them together with a number of Advisers of His Excellency the Prime Minister headed by Dr. Quraish Faza Al-Qusair, to discuss the generalization of the successful Nineveh experience in the prevention of thalassaemia throughout Iraq, and their future role in working with the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health in launching a national project for the prevention of thalassaemia.

The 1st National Conference for the Prevention of Thalassemia will be held in Mosul in honour of Nineveh, which was the first to take the initiative and succeed in reducing the incidence of thalassaemia.


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