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ITD2018 – Maldives Events

Maldivian Thalassaemia Society

Educational event e.g., lecture

Objective: Is to emphase and improve knowledge among general public on thalassaemia Inform about country situation of thalasaemia Social interaction among patients and families Empowerment of patients To emphasize to give an equal chance in life to all patients.

More events: red 4 life, wear red on 8 thal infosession to youth quiz competition handball match football macth bike ride wearing red art comp 4 patients thalday party giving gifts to patients

Description of other events: educational events 1-information session on thalassameia for youth 2- Whole day THALASSAEMIA quiz competition in a youth hangout spot in male’.All Correct answers will be given a prize. questions will be on thalassaemia 3- social media campaign on thal throughout May. clips on thal in general and thalasaemia in Maldives will be shared by MTS 4-Brodcast media awareness programs: adult patients will be featured in interviews on TV and radio, theyw ill give information on thal, at different times and in different media on 8th. Social activities 1- tHALASSAEMIA day party for patients and their families, this is a very popular event among patients and their families. Aim is for families and patients to see and spend sometim out side thalasaemia centre. this socail gathering include, lots of fun games, entertainment by celebrities, food. this will be held on 11th May, 2- Bike ride: MTS is collaborating BIKE MALDIVES to have a bike ride around the capital island wearing red, members of the public, volunteers, well wishers along with parents and patients will be taking part in the bike ride. 3-football and handball match: this will be played by patients, the planned match will be in June or July. 4- Art Competition for patients for different age groups under the theme “celebrating life”, 3 winners from each category will be awarded after judging by a panel of judges. 5- Members of MTS will visit Thalassaemia ward on 8th Maya and give gifts to patients.

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