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India News: Thalassemia Patients Advocacy Group (PAG)

TIF is delighted to receive the following exciting news on the launch of the Thalassemia Patients Advocacy Group during the Seminar on the Policy Interventions for the Evolving Needs of Thalassemics in India” on 16th Sep 2017 at New Delhi. At the presence of officials from the Ministry of Health, the Indian Red Cross Society, the Chief Disability Commissioner and Principal Adviser from the Government’s Think Tank NITI Aayog and with the guidance and interventions of TIF Board Member, Mrs Shobha Tuli, Thalassaemia PAG is now a reality.

The role of advocacy groups (AGs), also known as pressure groups, lobby groups, or campaign groups, in influencing public opinion and policy is unquestionable. AGs have, throughout the years, played and continue to play an important part in the development of political and social systems. Thalassaemia Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs), in particular, are well known for their role and achievements in establishing better health services for thalassaemia patients in several countries of the world.  Much work is still needed to ensure that quality services are equally available for all thalassaemia patients in all countries of the world.

TIF congratulates this initiative by “Thalassemics India” and looks forward to hearing more details during the 2017 International Thalassaemia Conference in Greece. Keep up the good work! Thalassaemia patients need it, thalassaemia patients deserve it.

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