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ETA-ESHR Joint Conference 2021

The 22nd Egyptian Thalassaemia Association (ETA) Conference and the 18th Egyptian Society of Hematology and Research (ESHR) Conference will be held jointly starting November 1st until November 4th, 2021.

The Conference focuses on providing a platform for interaction with experts in the field of haematology, through both live and online discussions with national and international speakers and chairpersons.

The topics featured  in the scientific sessions aim at offering up-to date knowledge in haemoglobinopathies and heamatological disorders and new therapeutic modalities, in addition to COVID-19 updates. Moreover, the Conference’s associated exhibition will host leading international pharma industries to allow interested attendees to get acquainted with the available new therapies in the market.

The 1st of November will be dedicated to the patients’ conference with lecturers discussing medical insurance, quality of medical care,  economy of health and patients’ experiences, followed by an open discussion with Professor El Beshlawy and other prominent professors in the field.

Registration is free.

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