International Thalassaemia Day

International Thalassaemia Day 2013

2013 theme:

The right for quality health care of every patient with Thalassaemia: major and beyond

The treatment of thalassaemia intermedia was brought to the forefront of activities, and all national thalassaemia associations across the world and other patient support groups were invited to find out more about Non-Transfusion Dependent Thalassaemias (NTDTs).

Project 8

TIF launched, for the first time in 2013 “Project 8”, with the aim to spread knowledge and awareness regarding haemoglobinopathies, to all social levels, particularly amongst young people. The project focuses on turning the 8th May International Thalassaemia Day, into a Day truly focused on spreading knowledge and awareness and on engaging with National Health Authorities and other official stakeholders.

In particular, ‘Project 8’ focuses on the establishment of an international ‘Red Day’ and ‘Red Skies’. The former aims to involve schools and the general public in order to raise awareness about haemoglobin disorders. The latter aims to involve airlines which will express interested to distribute awareness material to travelers and to collect funds for a specific project. For example in 2014 this would be a donation of pumps and filters to patients with thalassaemia in need.

Project 8 also includes other components such as preparation and distribution of educational material appropriate for young people of various ages at elementary and high schools, including online games.

2013 Red Day Activities

Taking place on the 9th of April, over 150 students aged 11-12 years old of the Grammar Junior School in Nicosia (Cyprus) wore red T-shirts (prepared by TIF) depicting ‘Harry’ TIF’s red-blood cell cartoon character and attended a ‘thalassemia’ introducting presentation by Dr Androulla Eleftheriou (TIF Executive Director) and Dr Michael Angastiniotis (TIF Medical Advisor) in the presence of TIF’s President Mr Panos Englezos and the two Head Mistresses, Ms Beata Miko and Ms Andy Kranidiotou.

This took place in the context of their science lesson and was followed by a magnificent performance in the yard of the school where the children formed the number 8 denoting the 8th of May International Thalassaemia Day.

Read about the activities of TIF & its Members here

TIF’s Message

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Download the Campaign Kit

Below we have provided communication tools for download to use at your events to raise awareness about thalassaemia!!!

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