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International Thalassaemia Day 2018 -Get involved

Dedicated to all thalassaemic patients and parents who have never lost hope for life and to all implicated scientists who have never given up and who, with their efforts and persistency, have given this hope, for a long, good quality life, to our thalassaemics across the world.

For the first time this year, the patients have voted for the ITD theme. According to patient public voting, the theme for ITD2018 is

  Thalassaemia past, present and future: Documenting progress and patients’ needs worldwide


Let us use this day to show how thalassaemia care has advanced across the world.

Let’s turn clinical breakthroughs in prevention and clinical management of thalassaemia into rich audios and videos to help spread awareness of how they have been implemented in every affected country.

Let’s fill this day with truly educational experiences for all.


Important Dates: 

Deadline for submission to TIF’s contests: 8 May 2018
Deadline for submission of plans/ awareness campaigns: 27 April 2018




In November 2017, the 14th International Conference on Thalassaemia & Haemoglobinopathies & 16th TIF International Conference for Patients & Parents revived and reinforced patients’ hope for complete remedy, informing patients about scientific breakthroughs in clinical treatment striving to secure the final cure, as well as global patient empowerment through education, making all sorts of links between education and health.

Experts say that the well-educated patients have a deeper bucket of resources to draw on, they know about the dos and don’ts in regards to the disease. Technology has only helped to increase patient access to such knowledge. For one, reading up on scientific breakthroughs and best practices for quality of life leads patients to pay attention to their doctor’s advice and adhere to the proposed treatment, enabling them to make good and meaningful decisions about their health, and increasing their ability to self-manage their condition effectively and with greater self-esteem. Very importantly, technology helps spread knowledge and progress in all the affected countries of the world.

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  • Thalassaemia yesterday, today and tomorrow: Country practices and growing recognition of patients’ rights (Winner topic, 136 votes)
  • Scientific breakthroughs: Envisioning the future of thalassaemia (92 votes)
  • Thalassaemia goes digital: Patient education for health and global patient empowerment (88 votes)