Patients’ stories

BLOOD RED by Dr. Namitha A Kumar (PhD) – Thalassemia Intermedia (38 years)

Winner Story #3 – International Thalassaemia Day 2017

If someone were to ask me which color defines you best? I would instantly say “blood red!”
One might think why this color? Isn’t it a violent color? Doesn’t it remind of you blood spilt?
You would change your mind if you ask a child/adult with Thalassemia about the color red. It
defines us as it defines me as it always did. The color of life! The color that puts back the color
on my pale cheeks and white palms as the elixir of life drips its way into my veins. The color that
ensures I will live. I will live to tell my tale many times over again. The color that stands for my
life. A symbol of my life. A symbol of the blood bag and its magic potion that I receive every
month. This is what keeps me alive. Blood Red…

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