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Management of Luspatercept Therapy in Patients with Transfusion-dependent β-Thalassaemia

Sheth, S., Taher, A. T., Coates, T. D., Kattamis, A., & Cappellini, M. D. British Journal of Haematology. (2023)

Patients with transfusion-dependent β-thalassaemia require lifelong, regular red blood cell transfusions for survival; however, frequent blood transfusions are associated with an increased risk of iron overload, transfusion-transmitted disease and alloimmunization, as well as reduced quality of life.

Luspatercept, an erythroid maturation agent that promotes late-stage erythroid maturation independently of erythropoietin, has demonstrated efficacy in reducing transfusion burden in patients with transfusion-dependent β-thalassaemia.

In this review, we discuss treatment initiation, ongoing evaluation, dose adjustment and management of adverse events in transfusion-dependent patients with β-thalassaemia receiving luspatercept, and we provide guidance on how to determine whether patients are deriving clinical benefit.

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