TIF and the UKTS set up an official thalassaemia training programme for Nepalese nurses

From 14 July to 20 August 2019, two nurses from the Nepal Thalassaemia Society Blood Transfusion Centre will have the unique opportunity to receive intensive, official thalassaemia training at the Haematology Department at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH).

Nurses and other medical staff often lack knowledge for the proper management of the condition, affecting their ability to provide skilled and effective care to patients.

ΤΙF visited Nepal for the 2nd time in 2018, along with a delegation team from the UK and the UKTS. During this visit, one of the many needs of the Nepalese thalassaemia community that were highlighted, was the need for skilled nursing staff  to take care of patients, especially during transfusions. This substantial need will eventually be met by TIF and the UKTS, through this intensive training programme.

The country presents noticeable deficiencies in its healthcare system, and, that being so, patients with thalassaemia care is in many cases questionable.

TIF remains committed to offer lifelong education opportunities for healthcare professionals, and aims for their continuous guidance to support the better management and treatment of  thalassaemia worldwide.

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