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ITD2018 – Australia

Thalassaemia Society of NSW 

Developments in Thalassaemia Education Event

Date and time: 8 May 2018, 6-8.30pm

Type of event: Educational event – Lecture

Come along to learn about the latest treatment research in Thalassaemia, find out what is Genetic Counselling and what are the latest initiatives being planned by the Red Cross Blood Donation Service: Guest speakers: · Professor Vasili Berdoukas will talk about the latest developments in treatment care and his experiecne from work & research in China. · David Rossetto, Community Relations Officer, Red Cross Blood Donation Services will talk about the Red 25 program, growth in plasma demand and how families and friends can help the Service. · Catherine Spinks, Associate Genetic Counsellor, RPAH will talk about what exactly does a Genetic Counsellor do?; how to access support and options for a couple including thalassaemia major/sickle cell anaemia patients. ———— This is a Free Event with tea/coffee and finger food provided. It will be held at the Garvan Institute in Sydney.

Royal Melbourne Hospital Melbourne Health

Date and time: 8 May 2018, 2-3pm

Type of event: Lunch and education

Taking the day to acknowledge the impact of thalassaemia on our patients lives and alerting them to the fact that we are interested and invested in their health histories, presents and futures. We will have a patient come and discuss their experience with us and a haematology nurse to discuss current best practice guidelines. We will also use this time to highlight the importance of healthy adults participating in blood donation.