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International Thalassaemia Day, 8 May, is a global occasion on which people with thalassaemia, healthcare professionals, thalassaemia advocates, patient organizations, the general public and the media unite to raise awareness of thalassaemia and call for changes towards the improvement of patients’ lives and well-being.

The theme for International Thalassaemia Day 2023 is:

Strengthening Education to Bridge the Thalassaemia Care Gap

You too can take action and together we can create change!

Here is a number of ways to get involved:

1. Download and share the campaign resources

Display the ITD2023 posters, banners, social media, visuals and infocards in your community for everyone to see. You can also use them when promoting you own activities or events for the big day!

Don’t forget to use our hashtags #ITD2023 #BeAwareShareCare #CareForEducation and #EducationForCare!

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2. Boost your thalassaemia knowledge

Learn more about thalassaemia (for free) by reading our info-packed thalassaemia brochures, watching on-demand educational video content on the brand new TIFLIX platform (launching on May 8) or by taking our TIF e-Academy courses!

TIF e-Academy TIFLIX (coming soon)

3. Organize your own event/activity

Big or small, offline or online, International Thalassaemia Day events get people talking and learning about thalassaemia. Ideas are endless and can span from hosting a webinar or a workshop to lighting up a local landmark, organizing an awareness walk in your town or an educational event in your local school.

Make sure your activity is in and around ITD2023, May 8, so we can all join in together!

4. Share your story

Be part of International Thalassaemia Day by sharing your story with others and sending a message of solidarity! Write about your experiences, challenges, and learnings from a life with thalassaemia to inspire others. Will you help us awaken the world?

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5. Join the global chain of lights

Help our community light up in red as many buildings and landmarks as possible for International Thalassaemia Day on or around May 8! This powerful and striking display of support helps to spread much-needed thalassaemia awareness and show those living with the condition that they are not alone.

Get useful information and tips with our ‘How to Illuminate Buildings Guide’!

Please share pictures of your International Thalassaemia Day 2023 illuminations with us at

6. Get personal

Share you story or experiences of living with thalassaemia, record a video, or actively participate in an event near you for International Thalassaemia Day. A great idea would be to update your social media pages with the official ITD2023 profile frame, and show the world you are actively supporting the community!

Download Social Media frame

7. Join the conversation

Sparking conversations about an issue that is essential to you can be powerful in raising awareness and understanding of thalassaemia, and ultimately help create action! Not sure where to start? Use the ITD2023 Social Media Cards and the ‘Thalassaemia On The Rise’ Infographic!

8. Engage with local media

Follow journalists reporting healthcare issues in your country and contact them with ideas for stories or articles on thalassaemia. Reach out to local or regional newspapers, radio, and TV stations to get coverage of your International Thalassaemia Day events – you can use our key statistics to share messages with the media!

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