The Theme

May 8, 2023 is International Thalassaemia Day. The theme of the event this year is “Strengthening Education to Bridge the Thalassaemia Care Gap”.

By maximizing the knowledge and skills of every person affected by thalassaemia and the people who care for them, we can achieve positive changes in health behaviours, health outcomes and quality of life, and reduce the disease burden for patients and the society.

The Material

A vast collection of all the materials you need to support the International Thalassaemia Day 2023 campaign.

Download posters, logos, social media cards, web banners, and many other digital materials to raise awareness and spark change for people living with thalassaemia.

The Video

Welcome to Jo’s story, where you will learn about her life journey with β-thalassaemia from childhood to adulthood. Jo represents the resilience and hope of many people living with thalassaemia facing similar challenges all across the world.

Join us in standing with Jo by spreading awareness about β-thalassaemia!

Understand Thalassaemia

Reliable and easy-to-read disease information can not only make you more aware of thalassaemia, but can also shed light on multiple aspects regarding its prevention, management and treatment.

This is why our series of patient information leaflets grows bigger this year with 2 brand new additions, available in many languages!

Unlock Education

Watch unlimited videos on demand from world-renowned experts on the soon-to-be-launched TIFLIX platform, learn about Jo’s life journey with β-thalassaemia in TIF’s brand new animated video, and upgrade your knowledge on thalassaemia care and management by taking a free, online course at the TIF e-Academy!

Get Involved

In union, there is strength!

No matter who you are; a patient, a parent, a caregiver, a healthcare professional, a student, a friend.

Join the International Thalassaemia Day movement on 8 May and make a difference. For society, your loved ones and you!

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