Corporate Reputation of Pharma Companies for 2018 – The Patients’ Perspective

What did 1,500 patient groups from different countries and therapy areas think of pharmaceutical companies in 2018? To what extent did these companies meet patients’ expectations?
A recent survey conducted by Patient View unveils the patients‘ perspective on the reputation and performance of 46 companies in the healthcare industry, at key activities that influence effective patient-centricity.

The survey’s most significant outcomes:

The survey explores 1500 patient groups worldwide (78 countries).  Eighty-one percent (81%) of these patient groups worked/partnered with at least one pharma company.

The report provides feedback from the patient’s perspective on the:

  1. corporate reputation of the pharma industry during 2018
  2. performance of 46 pharma companies at 12 key indicators that influence corporate reputation (performance was compared with that of other health care sectors).



  • 41% of 2018’s respondent patient groups stated that the industry had an “Excellent” or “Good” corporate reputation, and
  • 53% of 2018’s respondent patient groups believed that the pharma industry was “Excellent” or “Good” at making high-quality products.


  • Only 9% of the respondent patient groups stated that pharma as a whole was “Excellent” or “Good” at having fair pricing policies. Patient groups feel that they (and patients they represent) should be more actively engaged in the activities that involve Research and Development.
  • Only 8% of the 1.218 respondent patient groups that work with pharma stated that they were engaged in companies’ drug research/ drug discovery. Only 14% of the patient groups that work with pharma stated that they were engaged in companies’ clinical trials.
  • Only 7% of patient groups that work with pharma stated they were engaged in companies’ drug-development activities


The companies most familiar to patient groups were Novartis followed by Roche and Pfizer.  Pfizer in the previous years was the best known.

Best corporate reputation out 46 companies assessed by patient groups was as follows:

  1. ViiV Healtcare
  2. Gilead Sciences
  3. Janssen
  4. Novartis

Notes on corporate reputation:

  1. Takeda, moved 30 places upwards (7th place)
  2. Chiesi Farmaceutici rose 21 places (19th place)
  3. Bristol-Myers Squipp jumbed 7 places (24th place)
  4. Boehringer Ingelheim has been slowly climbing in the rankings to 15th


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