SCD e-Course for Patients, Families and Carers

The Sickle Cell Disease Course is an online educational course for patients, families, and carers around the world. This course covers all aspects of SCD clinical management, with content developed by eminent international medical experts, with extensive experience in treating patients with SCD.

The development of this course falls within TIF’s mission to ensure equal access to quality treatment for all SCD patients around the globe. Through this course, TIF hopes to contribute to the lifelong learning of patients, families and others caring for people with SCD, which will contribute to enhancing patients’ quality of life.

Aims and goals

The general goal of this educational initiative is to develop the knowledge of patients with sickle cell disease to give them the skills, confidence, and motivation to take meaningful decisions and play a key role as partners in healthcare decision-making that concerns their health.

Requirements for participation

Any SCD patient, parent, or carer of SCD patient over the age of sixteen is eligible and may enroll in the course.


The course is divided into four sections:

  • The first section (Module 1) provides a broad introduction on Sickle Cell Disease.
  • The second section (Module 2) outlines the clinical problems which can arise in people with SCD and supplies insight into key management points.
  • The third one (Module 3) assembles information on various treatment options which are currently, or are becoming, available (at least) in certain countries.
  • The last section (Module 4) links to guidelines and resources related to SCD that readers may find interesting.


The course is offered free of charge to interested individuals.


You may access the course material by easily creating an account on TIF e-Academy.

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