TIF e-Academy

e-Academy is TIF’s newly developed project, within the context of TIF 2.0 Era. Using a variety of interactive tools and allowing users a deep learning experience, TIF e-Academy looks to increase the knowledge of patients, parents and healthcare professionals on thalassaemia and sickle cell disease (SCD) facts, past and current advances.

In TIF e-Academy, Thalassaemia patients (and parents) can take TIF’s Thal e-Course to learn more about the disorder, its genetic cause, the blood component affected, new advances in treatment, lifestyle and many more. Medical specialists seeking to delve into the field of thalassaemia can take the eThalED course, which consists of two comprehensive interactive e-Courses, offering specialization according to the latest developments and advances in the areas of thalassaemia prevention and management respectively. Healthcare professionals interested in gaining in-depth knowledge on all aspects of SCD management can now enrol in the TIF SCD e-Course, reviewed and endorsed for its quality by the European Hematology Association (EHA).

The content has been written and reviewed by medical professionals and expert patients in collaboration with educational scientists, instructional and graphic designers.

Access the e-courses material by creating a free account on the TIF e-Academy!

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