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  • Product Information

    Product Information

    Scientific name: Etavopivat (FT-4202)
    Brand name: Ν/Α
    RESPONSIBLE: Novo Nordisk

  • Clinical Trial/Study Information

    Clinical Trial/Study Information

    Last update: 22/6/2023

    Trial Name: HIBISCUS
    Code: NCT04624659
    Phase: 2/3
    Eligible patient diagnosis: : SCD (adolescent & adults) (age 12-65)
    No. of Patients enrolled: : 344 [anticipated] (Last update: 15/2/2023)
    Study Sites: 87 Sites per country

    Anticipated completion date: December 2026
    Scope of the Study / Aim: Increase haemoglobin; decrease annual VOCs

  • Regulatory Information

    Regulatory Information

    Status: Not Authorised


    Additional notable points:

    • EMA: N/A
    • FDA: Orphan drug designation (2020)
    • MHRA: N/A

Update: 30 September 2023

No update available.


Update: 30 June 2023

No update available.


Update: 31 March 2023

No update available.

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