Board of Directors

Mrs Odysoulla Stavrou-Cooper

Odysoulla Stavrou- Cooper is a 62-year-old mother of three beautiful grown children, one of whom is a patient. She is also a successful businesswoman who is well known for her very creative designs and innovative ideas throughout the United Kingdom.

Odysoulla has been a member of the United Kingdom Thalassaemia Society (UKTS) for several years, choosing just to support the activities, whenever possible. In 2018, this all changed when she was contacted directly for help with a major project being undertaken by the charity. She then recognized the need to become more involved, as she was impressed by the amount of work being handled for the charity by such a small team.

Based on her own beliefs of putting the same amount of passion and professionalism into her volunteering role as she does in her working life, Oddy then chose to commit more time and energy into the cause. She joined the board of trustees in 2019 and is currently serving as the Secretary of the UKTS.


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