Board of Directors

Mr George Constantinou

Mr George Constantinou obtained a degree in Hotel and Tourism studies in London and has had a long and successful professional career. His contribution, passion, and undivided commitment to improving the health and quality of life of patients with thalassaemia are exemplary. He has been involved with the Cyprus Thalassaemia Association, where he served as a member of its Board for many years, including the post of Secretary and President. Among the founding members of TIF in 1986, he has been an active member ever since, serving as an officer of the Board. Currently, he serves as the Assistant Secretary on the Board of Directors of the Federation.

Mr Constantinou has been involved in numerous delegations visits in various parts of the world for the promotion of haemoglobin disorders. He is an exemplary expert patient who fights with commitment and undivided devotion for the improvement of not only the treatment but the quality of life and the securing of the rights of patients for a better life. His presentations, statements, position papers, and active involvement in the activities of TIF have had a great impact. He has shown us all that a knowledgeable patient can make indeed a difference.

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