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Promoting Adherence to Iron Chelation Treatment in Beta-Thalassemia Patients

Eziefula, C., Shah, F. T., & Anie, K. A. Patient preference and adherence, 16, p.1423. (2022).

Thalassaemia is one of the commonest inherited genetic disorders world-wide with around 25,000 births of the most severely affected transfusion dependent children annually. Patients with transfusion dependent thalassaemia require regular blood transfusions to maintain life but because of this will develop iron overload. To remove the excess iron, patients are required to take iron chelation therapy (ICT). ICT requires lifelong adherence to treatment to prevent end organ damage from developing.

Many of these preventable complications make adherence to therapy more complex for patients. In this review, we focus on two commonly encountered patient scenarios and discuss how different psychological models and a relational theory can be used to understand and support adherence to treatment.

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