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Thalassaemia specific electronic patients’ records

A pilot study at the Nicosia Thalassaemia Centre has been finalised, with the uploading of data relating to 390 patients with β-thalassaemia major. The results of the data analysis were presented at a workshop held on 20 October 2011 in Cyprus.

This project has allowed TIF to validate the value of such software as a means of providing a service to patients around the world for developing electronic records. A number of issues regarding licensing and maintenance still need to be addressed, prior to making it available to other countries.

It is an electronic Healthcare Record or J-Anaemia (EHCR) software targeting healthcare professionals treating β-Thalassaemia patients. J-Anaemia is a modular environment that can be expanded and customized in order to address specific data analysis needs, with specific modules to accomplish tasks such as radiology examination, cardiology, endocrinology, hepatology and neurology evaluation and assessment, to name but a few.

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