Position Papers

TIF actively engages in the process of developing position papers on key issues which concern patients with thalassaemia, seeking to improve their quality of life and access to treatment.

Each position paper is formulated following a period of intense research and consultation with our members worldwide. Upon completion, the position papers are disseminated to key stakeholders and health authorities at the national, regional and international level with the view to implement the necessary actions to tackle the issue at hand.

Furthermore, they are circulated amongst TIF’s Global Network of Health Professionals and, most importantly, they are distributed to thalassaemia associations across the world, encouraging patient advocates to develop a productive dialogue with their national health authorities, medical community, research institutes and industry, advocating for the implementation of the given position paper.

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We invite you to read our Position Papers found below:

Position Paper 5.2: Addressing the Management of NTDTs

As a non-governmental, non-profit, patients’ organisation, the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) has fought for nearly three decades (since its establishment in 1986) towards the promotion of the rights of patients with thalassaemia globally, ensuring equal access to quality health care.

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