TIF issues new leaflet on gene therapy for patients with β-thalassaemia and other haemoglobin disorders


Recent scientific developments in gene therapy for β-thalassaemia have brought hope that multi-transfused β-thalassaemia patients will, in the very near future, have a chance and a choice for a one-time final cure and a life without the need for treatment.

The number of ongoing gene therapy clinical trials has increased rapidly and patients all over the world are very excited and filled, on the one hand, with optimism and hope, and, on the other, with concerns on  issues regarding its effectiveness, safety and accessibility.

Seeking to address such issues and reinforce, at the same time, the knowledge and understanding of thalassaemia patients across the world on most aspects relevant to gene therapy, TIF has elaborated and now publishes this educational leaflet, which we hope you’ll find useful in enhancing your knowledge about this revolutionary tool.

More educational leaflets  on various aspects pertaining to the disease will be published shortly by TIF.

Access our new leaflet on gene therapy here
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