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OPINION | Proposed SoHO Legislation Could Transform Blood Sustainability in Europe

On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, TIF’s Executive Director, Dr Androulla Eleftheriou, co-authored an opinion piece published in the Parliament Magazine.

In this article, she reflected on the importance of EU’s SoHO Regulationread TIF’s Position Paper on the Regulation here – proposing updated rules on blood, tissue and cells, and the pivotal role of Patient Blood Management (PBM) towards the improvement of health outcomes for patients with anaemia in the EU and the support of a more robust blood supply.

The SoHO Regulation is an important step towards building a sustainable blood use culture. While education at all levels will be crucial in translating standards into clinical practice, recognising PBM and optimal blood use in the EU legislation would be a landmark.

In weighing the proposed SoHO Regulation, EU policymakers have a timely opportunity to improve healthcare outcomes for patients with both acute and chronic anaemia, including patients who need blood transfusions.


Read the full article HERE.

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