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NEW PUBLICATION | Short Guide For the Management of TDT (2nd Edition)

By providing a short pocket guide describing the best possible practices in the treatment and management of transfusion-dependent thalassaemia (TDT), TIF seeks to support physicians worldwide in making good clinical decisions that can benefit individual patients with the disorder and enable them to advocate for more and better resources for thalassaemia care at the level of national health authorities. 

The 4th edition of the original full-length Guidelines, published in June 2022, includes a full review of the evidence supporting almost each recommendation for physicians to know all the facts that form the basis of their clinical decisions in the form of a long textbook, difficult to use on a daily basis.

Physicians should keep in mind that a shortened version of a clinical guide, such as the present one, can only summarize clinical circumstances and, therefore, is certainly not exhaustive.

TIF hopes that this manuscript will provide useful practical support for physicians around the world during their daily clinical management of TDT, and will have, in the long run, a global impact on the improvement of practices in the management of TDT.

Download the ‘Short Guide for the Management of TDT’ HERE.

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