UKTS Conference, 12 May 2016

We are delighted to share with you that Mr Panos Englezos, ‪#‎TIF ‬President, has participated in a ‪#‎conference‬ titled "Presenting the 3rd Edition of the Standards for the Clinical Care of Children and Adults with‪#‎Thalassaemia‬ in the ‪#‎UK‬" which was organized by ‪#‎UKTS‬ and the UK Forum on ‪#‎Haemoglobin‬ ‪#‎Disorders‬, on 12 May 2016 in ‪#‎London‬.

This was a a very productive conference and TIF  reiterates its commitment to support the UKTS and health professionals’ work and to safeguard the rights of all patients wherever they are, across cultures, religions and social state for equal access to quality health and other care

Our warmest and most sincere congratulations to the UK forum of haemoglobin disorders where the health care professionals and the UKTS constitute major pillars, for all the quality work done in the context of the development of the 1st Standards of Clinical Care of Thalassaemia a few years back and the revised 3rd edition that is so proudly presented today.

Click here to read the programme of the conference.
Click here to read Mr Englezos' Speech.