New Committee at UKTS

The UK Thalassaemia Society held its AGM on the 25th February 2014. We were delighted to welcome four new Trustees to the UKTS Management Committee - Tina Bhagirath, Chris Fassis, Anand Singh Ghattaura and Raj Klair. It is always refreshing for any organisation to have new people with new ideas and perspectives; and we look forward to a very productive year!

The Trustees of the Society are (in alphabetical order):


- Tina Bhagirath
- George Constantinou (Secretary)
- Chris Fassis (Assistant Secretary)
- Pany Garibaldinos (Assistant Treasurer)
- Anand Singh Ghattaura (Vice President)
- Raj Klair
- Romaine Maharaj (Treasurer)
- Gabriel Theophanous (President)