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Panos Englezos Award

The ‘Panos Englezos Award’ is presented to an individual who serves as a role model for others in the community and who has contributed in an exceptional way towards the fight against thalassaemia on an internationally recognized basis.

In previous years the following individuals have received the ‘Panos Englezos Award’:

  • 2017 – Mr Kostas Papageorgiou, President of the Panhellenic Association for Protection of Patients with Mediterranean Anaemia (ΠΕΠΠΑΜΑ – PEPPAMA), and co-founder and former president of TIF for his perennial volunteer contribution to this field
  • 2011 – Mr Kostas Kountourou (posthumously) – for his invaluable support in the promotion of thalassaemia patient support groups.
  • 2011 – Mr Anastasis Leventis – for the significant contribution of the A.G. Leventis Foundation in the development and launch of the e-MSc course, and the publication of the first ever Guidelines on the Clinical Management of Thalassaemia in 1999.
  • 2008 – Dr Odysseas Platis (posthumously) an endocrinologist and a thalassaemia patient himself, who was amongst the founders and a long-time member of TIF’s Board.
  • 2006 – Mr. Phidias Soteriou for his substantial contribution to the promotion of thalassaemia patient support groups / Mr. Mahesh Kotecha – for his vast international contribution as a founding member of TIF.
  • 2003 – Dr. Androulla Eleftheriou – author of internationally recognized books focused mainly on patients and parents and for her voluntary work at TIF as a Scientific Coordinator.
  • 1999 – Mrs. Shobha Tuli – for her work and commitment in the Indian subcontinent.
  • Mr Elias Sofianos – activist, pioneer patient and founding member of the 1st Greek Thalassaemia Association and of TIF.
  • Mr Earl “Duke” Brady – pioneer and devoted father who fought for the rights of thalassaemia patients in the USA and worldwide.
  • Mr Giovanni Latta – amongst the founding members of TIF, an inspiring leader and activist whose positive spirit penetrated the hopes and fears of every thalassaemia patient.

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