Egypt celebrates the ITD 2019 with an International Scientific Conference in Cairo

The Egyptian Thalassaemia Association (ETA),  in celebration of this year’s International Thalassaemia Day, is organizing the 20th International Thalassaemia Day Conference to be held in Cairo on May, 1-2, 2019.

Renowned international and national scientists working in the field, among which Dr. Frempong, one of the pioneers of sickle cell disease (SCD) in Nigeria and America, will develop scientific knowledge and present policies for improved healthcare of  patients with thalassaemia. The Meeting will naturally look into the timely issues of  prevention, management and care of the disease, whilst advancements in gene therapy and stem cell transplantation will also be widely discussed.

The ETA’s President, Professor Amal El Bashlawy, and Professor Azza Moustafa will chair the Conference and the Scientific Committee, respectively.

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Conference Brochure


Thalassemia Brochure 2019


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