TIF Hosting A New Series Of Webinars For TIF Member Associations And T-PAG Members

Knowledgeable patients sit at the forefront of the challenging, ever-changing 21st-century landscape in healthcare.

TIF firmly believes that patients who are well versed in their health condition and its related aspects are powerful and can play an instrumental role in decision-making processes regarding both their and their peers’ health and quality of life.

This new series of live, educational webinars for TIF Member Associations and Thalassaemia Patient Advocacy Group (T-PAG) Members seeks to provide them with practical, hands-on skills, so that they can become more vigilant and effective in advocacy efforts in their respective countries.

5 webinars, with multiple sessions each and a total of 19 presenters and 11 topics, are scheduled to take place throughout September according to the following programme:

Each webinar will end with a live Q&A between attendees and featured experts.

Find the overview and agendas of the webinars here.

Members of other thalassaemia associations and individual patient advocates are also welcome to participate!

Upcoming TIF Members and T-PAG Training Webinars

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