Coming Up This Week: ”Iron Monitoring in Thalassaemia” Webinar for Patients

Although chronic blood transfusion regimens have added decades to the lives of patients with thalassaemia, clinicians are now faced with increasingly complicated management challenges.

The devastating effect of the accumulated iron from chronic blood transfusions necessitates a more finely tuned approach to limit the complications of the disease, as well as its treatment.

Survival in transfusion-dependent thalassemia patients can be improved with proper understanding of the pathophysiology of thalassemia and iron toxicity, comprehensive transfusion protocols, accurate measurements of total body iron, and employment of strategies to reduce iron burden.

The effective management of iron overload and the importance of frequent monitoring of iron status in patients with thalassaemia will be the focal points of the Thal e-Course Webinar Series’ 2nd session ”Iron Monitoring in Thalassaemia”, which will take place online on Friday, 9 October 2020, at 15:00 EEST/ 13:00 BST.
Prof Paul Telfer, Senior Lecturer in Haematology at Queen Mary, University of London and Consultant Haematologist at Barts and The London NHS Trusts, will be TIF’s guest speaker for this 2nd session of the Thal e-Course Webinar Series for Patients.

 Registrations are now OPEN

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