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Bluebird bio announces 1st commercial launch of ZYNTEGLO™in Germany


Bluebird bio, Inc. announced earlier today the launch  of ZYNTEGLO™ in Germany,  the company’s one-time gene therapy for patients 12 years and older with transfusion-dependent β-thalassaemia (TDT) who do not have a β0genotype, for whom haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation is appropriate but a human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-matched related HSC donor is not available.

This is the first time that ZYNTEGLO™ becomes commercially available, and the first qualified treatment center that will administer this gene therapy in Europe will be the University Hospital of Heidelberg in Germany.

In addition, Bluebird has entered into value-based payment agreements with multiple statutory health insurances in Germany to help ensure patients and their healthcare providers have access to ZYNTEGLO and that patients only pay if the therapy delivers on its promise. Bluebird’s proposed innovative model is limited to five payments made in equal installments. An initial payment is made at the time of infusion. The four additional annual payments are only made if no transfusions for TDT are required for the patient.

“For patients with TDT, lifelong chronic blood transfusions are required in order to survive. We are thrilled to announce that ZYNTEGLO™ will now be available for patients in the EU living with this severe disease,” says Alison Finger, chief commercial officer, Bluebird bio. “In addition to confirming manufacturing readiness of our partner,  Biopharma GmbH, Bluebird has also submitted a dossier to the Joint Federal Committee (G-BA) in Germany for drug benefit assessment. We would like to thank our collaborators for their commitment in helping us transform the healthcare system by accepting innovative payment models, and we look forward to treating our first commercial patient soon.”

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