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Ms Fatemeh Hashemi

Born in 1960, Mrs Hashemi is married and has two children. She graduated with a BSc in Biology and holds a PhD in International Affairs from the University of Warsaw. Mrs. Hashemi has been the President of Charity Foundation for Special Diseases, since its establishment in 1995, and has presided over many other activities including:

  • Secretary General, Women Solidarity Association, since 1993;
  • Chairman, Board of Director of Special Medical Center, since 2004;
  • President, Moslem Women NGOs Communication network, since 1996.
  • Member, Board of Founders & Trustees of Tasnim School, since 2004.
  • Secretary General, International Union of Moslem Women NGOs, since 1995.
  • Advisor, Foreign Minister and the Head of the Department of the International, Social and Women’s Affairs, 1997-2001

Mrs. Hashemi as the President of Charity Foundation for Special Disease including Thalassaemia, has made significant efforts to promote scientific and social awareness of the thalassaemic patients and the communities regarding this disease, to provide favourable conditions for drawing the attention of the government authorities and private sectors to therapeutic and social problems of thalassaemic patients and to provide feasible projects for prevention of the disease and the betterment of therapeutic and social conditions of the Special Patients.