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George Englezos Award

The George Englezos Award is given to an individual with an outstanding evidence-based international scientific clinical, medical or research contribution to the cause of thalassaemia.

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Panos Englezos Award

The Panos Englezos Award is presented to an individual who serves as a role model for others in the community and who has contributed in an exceptional way towards the fight against thalassaemia on an internationally recognized basis.

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A NORMAL LIFE by Miriam Lauria

  “My name is Miriam and I live in the province of Matera, Italy. I have been suffering from thalassaemia major since birth. At the age of one year I began to receive blood transfusions every 15/18 days. Many people have this type of disease in a more or less ...

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This is the story of the late Mrs. Mary Manachi from New Jersey, USA, who lost 3 children from thalassaemia back in the 50’s-60’s, when no drugs and medical treatments were available to help prevent their death at a fairly young age. Mrs. Manachi passed away a few years ago, ...

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High level Thalassaemia & SCD Healthcare Professionals Summit, Τhessaloniki, Greece – 1-2 November 2019

  Intensifying its long-standing efforts to provide constructive training to both thalassaemia and other haemoglobinopathy patients and to the specialized physicians working in these fields, TIF has successfully hosted a two-day High level Thalassaemia & Sickle Cell Healthcare Professionals Summit on 1 & 2 November 2019, in Thessaloniki, Greece. The ...

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