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George Englezos Award

The ‘George Englezos Award’ is given to an individual with an outstanding evidence-based international scientific clinical, medical or research contribution to the cause of thalassaemia.

In previous years the following individuals have received the ‘George Englezos Award’:

  • 2017 – Prof. Dimitris Loukopoulos – Professor Emeritus (Medicine) of the University of Athens for his scientific contribution to the understanding of the pathophysiology and clinical manifestation of the disease in truly dark times, and allowing current research to develop and focus on methods of effective prevention and final cure.
  • 2011 – Dr Hans Peter Schnebli– for his discovery and development of the chemical active ingredient (ICL670) for the new oral chelator Exjade.
  • 2008 – Sir David Weatherall – for his invaluable contribution towards the prevention and management of Haemoglobin Disorders, and thalassaemia in particular.
  • 2006 – Dr. Panos Ioannou – for his vast and many-sided scientific research, but most importantly on his contribution on the research for the total cure for thalassaemia.
  • 2003 – Dr. Michael Angastiniotis – for his devotion and dedication to improving the quality of life of thalassaemia patients, through the promotion of national control programmes across the world.
  • 1999 – Prof. Antonio Cao – for his vast international contribution in the development of a prevention model, as well as research in basic molecular aspects of thalassaemia diagnosis.
  • 1999 – Dr. Beatrix Wonke – for her international contribution and her innovative clinical research on the improvement of the survival and quality of medical care and life of patients with thalassaemia.
  • 1996 – Prof. Calogero Vullo – author of the first books of Haemoglobin Disorders. He is internationally recognized for his contribution to the clinical and quality of life of patients’ issues.
  • 1996 – Prof. Bernadette Modell – for her invaluable contribution in the epidemiological work on a global scale.

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