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TIF Signs Agreement With Resonance Health To Deploy FerriSmart®

The Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) has signed a Patient Access to FerriSmart® Letter of Agreement with Resonance Health Ltd., under which TIF will deploy 500 FerriSmart® vouchers, provided by Resonance Health at no cost, across targeted low- and middle-income countries in Asia, West Pacific, and Europe.

FerriSmart is an AI-driven system for automated real-time measurement of liver-iron concentrate (LIC) in patients, using non-invasive MRI-based technology. Under the Letter of Agreement, TIF will engage with National Thalassaemia Associations and physicians to facilitate the use of FerriSmart to integrate the iron-load monitoring into clinical management protocols.

“FerriSmart is a breakthrough for Thalassaemia patients in low- and middle-income countries, where thalassaemia is unfortunately and sadly often sub-optimally managed and the inability to accurately assess LIC contributes to this,” said Dr. Androulla Eleftheriou, TIF’s Executive Director.  »Resonance Health’s FerriScan® product is the only global gold standard to date for measuring LIC, therefore we are delighted to reach this important agreement with Resonance for its rollout into low- and middle-income countries, starting with nations in Asia, West Pacific, and Europe, » she added.

“Our immediate objective is to ensure that patients and clinicians across the world learn of FerriSmart and have an opportunity to use it and benefit from it,” said Mitchell Wells, Managing Director of Resonance Health.

Data collected from the FerriSmart Access Initiative will be used in TIF’s Global Thalassaemia Review, as well as by Resonance Health to improve and refine its product offerings. TIF will also introduce Resonance Health to local leaders, which the company said is a critical part of establishing long-term sustainable commercial product success in new markets.

Read the Full Press Release by Resonance Health Ltd. HERE


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