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TIF Guide on COVID-19 Vaccinations & Therapeutic Drugs – The December Issue

It has been two weeks since South Africa reported the COVID-19 Omicron variant to the World Health Organization (WHO).

During this last fortnight, experts have scrambled to gain an understanding of the new heavily mutated variant, what kind of symptoms and illness it can cause, and whether it undermines the vaccines that have already been developed.

While the world worries that the Omicron variant may cause a surge of cases, drug developers on the other hand have some hopeful news with new antiviral pills coming soon, expected to work against all strains of the virus, and treatments intended for long-term prevention against COVID-19 infection.

The latest updates on these hot-button issues, along with all the information you need on:

the COVID-19 variants and the vaccines’ effectiveness 

the progress of COVID-19 vaccinations in major regions of the world

leading COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine candidates in clinical trial development, and

the current landscape of novel treatments for COVID-19

are featured in the December Issue of the TIF ‘COVID-19 Vaccinations & Therapeutic Drugs Guide‘, which has just been released!

View and/or Download the Guide HERE

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