Patients’ stories

A NORMAL LIFE by Miriam Lauria


“My name is Miriam and I live in the province of Matera, Italy. I have been suffering from thalassaemia major since birth. At the age of one year I began to receive blood transfusions every 15/18 days. Many people have this type of disease in a more or less serious form.

Every time I go for a transfusion, while I receive the blood, I think of that donor who for one day put his work aside and neglected his family to help me extend my life. I thank him for his generous act, for the time he has dedicated to me, someone unknown to him.

Sometimes I notice that the number of donors is limited. It happens when doctors tell me to wait a few more days because there are no compatible blood supplies. When “time runs out” I feel weak, I struggle to perform daily actions, I struggle to have the regular life that I normally lead, it becomes tiring to work. I am the manager of an optical shop. It also becomes difficult to perform several other activities: running, taking weights, swimming. Sometimes even playing with my grandchildren, picking them up and taking them to the park becomes too tiring.

I decided to become part of the Italian Federation of Blood Donor Associations (FIDAS), particularly in the “Give Life Fidas” section of Scanzano, to help sensitize all the people who have not experienced the wonderful act of blood donation.

I would like to contribute so that my pathology will stop being a taboo. I am pleased to be active in the association, I feel part of this inspiring community. In such way, I can directly thank those who choose to donate blood and help, so graciously, save someone else’s life.


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