Widely acknowledged as the global voice of thalassaemia patients, TIF needs funds to carry out its mission to advocate and support the development and implementation of control programmes for thalassaemia, including prevention and clinical management.

TIF’s funding derives from a number of sources including international and regional funds, industry, generous donors, organisations in the pursuit of their common interest in haemoglobin disorders (thalassaemia and sickle cell disease).

The overall proportion of industry related funding is 52.98% and the non-industry funding is 47.02%. The highest contribution from a single company is 14.58%, and the total industry-related funding comes from 8 companies. (Last update: November 2020)


As a patient-driven organisation, TIF is committed to maintaining its independence and will make choices and take positions based solely upon patients’ needs and perspectives.

Corporate & Financial Support Policy

Our Supporters

TIF’s work may attract the attention of public and private institutions, foundations and other bodies, as well as companies or industry representative organisations which have a particular interest in the development of drugs, medical equipment, consumables and other medical and healthcare related products and technologies.

Our Supporters
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