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Ambassadors’ Circle

The premise of the development of the Ambassadors’ Circle is the establishment of an official collaboration between TIF and Ambassadors of the country members in Cyprus and our Cypriot Ambassadors in the country members of TIF.

The establishment of an official collaboration with Ambassadors of the country members of the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) in Cyprus, where TIF is based, and conversely, with our Cypriot Ambassadors in the country members of TIF is the premise of the development of the Ambassadors’ Circle.

Knowledge and contacts of the Ambassadors and their influence in the productive promotion of TIF’s activities in their own countries will be extremely valuable in the Federation’s work at the country level. The first step of the project was a meeting that took place on the 20 March 2013 in Nicosia, Cyprus and was participated by 20 countries followed by an official dinner.

This project constitutes one of the most valuable projects that TIF has undertaken as a means to further promote the development and implementation of national control programmes for the prevention and clinical management of thalassaemia worldwide. The challenge of TIF will be to make the implementation of addressing the disorders holistically and their prevention, and their many economic and social repercussions, well understood and appreciated by the Ambassador of a country. The second challenge will be to secure the support and assistance of the Ambassadors in TIF’s lobbying projects in specific countries. A third challenge will be that of securing collaboration with them, acknowledging their vast knowledge and experience on the programmes in their respective countries implemented in the field of health and the ‘culture’ of collaboration, which is so important in the success of the projects. Similarly the assistance of Cyprus Ambassadors is extremely valuable to our work.

TIF plans to continue this project with a series of focused meetings in Cyprus with the Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls of affected countries to discuss the specific necessities of each region and each country within the region. The purpose of the meetings will be to exhaustively discuss the issue of haemoglobin disorders, assess the current situation and identify ways on how the different embassies can support TIF’s role and impact in their respective countries in the area of prioritization of haemoglobin disorders on national health agenda.

In this series of meetings, and as a second phase of this project, intergovernmental activities between a country and Cyprus in the area of health will also be subject of discussion and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health will be both valuable partners in this project. Very importantly the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been invited to participate and contribute to this new initiative that involves the collaboration and networking, between TIF and Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Cyprus. Furthermore this will be complimented with parallel activities with the respective Cyprus Diplomatic Missions abroad.

For more information, please contact us at thalassaemia@cytanet.com.cy