Panos Englezos Prize

Panos Englezos Prize 2016

The “Panos Englezos Prize 2016” awarded to Dr Timothy St Pierre

On the 6th May 2016, at a graduation event at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, in the presence of the Minister of Health Dr. George Pamporides, Professor Tim St Pierre was awarded the Panos Englezos Prize, in recognition of the contribution FerriScan has made to the lives of thalassaemia patients around the world.

This further recognition of the work to which Professor St Pierre has devoted the majority of his working life, in improving monitoring techniques for these conditions and advancing knowledge of their management, is a wonderful accolade to add to the many he and his R&D colleagues have already received.

The prize consists of a silver drop of blood (TIF’s logo) and a monetary award of USD $10,000, which Professor St Pierre has generously donated to provide further access to FerriScan in economically disadvantaged regions.

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Prof Tim St. Pierre is the Head the Medical Physics programme at The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia. Professor St Pierre applies physics to medicine and biotechnology to improve the monitoring of the instrument technology, focusing on applications of magnetic measurement techniques for the non-invasive characterisation of iron in biological systems. He and his team developed the non-invasive liver iron measurement technology, FerriScan®, which led to a significant reduction in morbidity and mortality in thalassaemia. Much of his research has been related to iron overload in thalassaemia patients.

He has published over 150 peer reviewed papers in the fields of iron and magnetism in biology, biotechnology, and medicine in journals such as Blood, Circulation, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. In 2010 he also won a Clunies Ross Award from the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering for his work on non-invasive measurement of tissue iron deposits.

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