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Thalassaemia Prior and Consequent to COVID-19 Pandemic: The Perspective of Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF)

  Patients with haemoglobin disorders, particularly β-thalassaemia or sickle cell disease (SCD) or combined forms, on account of their underlying disease pathology and associated (iron load mainly in the case of thalassaemia) co-morbidities, are defined as high-risk individuals, prone to develop more severe complications from SARS-COV-2. Despite the fact that ...

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Gene Therapy & Thalassaemia Version 2.3: A TIF Survey

Millions of people worldwide suffer from inherited non-malignant blood disorders like thalassaemia and sickle cell disease. The culprit: genetic defects in their blood stem cells. One of the novel therapies  for thalassaemia that has stood out recently has undoubtedly been the first and only, one-time, groundbreaking gene therapy for transfusion ...

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TIF Thal e-Course: Testimonials from Online Learning Thalassaemia Patients

See what patients from various countries across the world who successfully took TIF’s Thal e-Course, the ultimate self-paced, interactive, online Εducational Course for individuals with thalassaemia and their families, have to say about their experience with the course in their own language! Well-informed patients are able to gain in-depth understanding of their ...

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FDA Grants Orphan Drug Designation to Mitapivat for Treatment of Thalassaemia

Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Orphan Drug Designation to the company’s first-in-class pyruvate kinase-R (PKR) activator Mitapivat for the treatment of patients with NTDT α- and β-thalassaemia. Mitapivat is an investigational, oral, small molecule allosteric activator of wild-type and a variety ...

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