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The THALassaemia In Action (THALIA) project

A Multiannual TIF Project aimed at tackling Haemoglobinopathies on the move


Brief Description

Thalassaemia, a previously fatal childhood genetic disease, can today be effectively prevented and adequately treated, as a result of the medical and scientific advances that took place in the last three decades. However, thalassaemia’s prioritisation on national health agendas and the development of national plans for its effective control in the EU has been hampered by the many challenges involved, mainly related to its rarity and migration.

THALassaemia IAction (THALIA) focuses on Europe, targeting patients with thalassaemia and other haemoglobinopathies, healthcare professionals and policymakers. THALIA has a special focus on:

1) countries that receive most refugees and migrants from countries with high prevalence in thalassaemia; namely FranceGermanySweden; and

2) major transit countries for migrants; namely Serbia and Austria.


THALIA is co-funded by the Third Health Programme of the European Union under the Specific Grant Agreement (SGA) No 824224.  

Visit the THALIA webpage for more


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